View Full Version : British Car Club of Delaware Annual Car Show

09-17-2011, 10:30 PM
Went to this show in Delaware City, DE. The weather wasn't great, but it was a good day none the less. The majority of cars seemed to be Jags and MGs. There were some others including a Ginetta, a Jensen Interceptor and a Morris Marina (one car that I never thought would reach "classic" status).

Also at the show was Fred Mack (Delaware Valley Jag Club) who drove down in the 1953 XK120 he bought new. Fred is 100 and he still enjoys auto-crossing. To celebrate his 100th birthday, he went skydiving!!!
www.jcna.com/clubs/features.php?club=ne33&Vref=ne33 (https://www.jcna.com/clubs/features.php?club=ne33&Vref=ne33) and https://www.jcna.com/clubs/conview.php?num=610&club=ne33&Vref=ne33

Just reaching 100 is something, being mobile at that age is a big bonus, but still being able to drive your Jag and go skydiving - priceless.