View Full Version : '94 Dodge Dakota Replacement

09-08-2011, 12:33 AM
Is there anyone out there that's had a "deal"
falling the lap,but has no interest in it?
I have the Dakota,& it needs some work,but I've
realized how much that I like it ('94,V6,5 speed,extended-
cab,cc,ac,canopy).It has 175,000 miles on it,& needs some
work,so I'm thinking that I should buy another truck,rather
than put more money into it.
I've been looking at an '81 Ford F150,but the owner
keeps stalling - I'd like to buy it,but can't wait forever.
I need something (preferrably an extended cab),that
can tow a lightweight car trailer,get decent milage,& I can
throw fire hose into the back of.
It's looking more & more like I'll be keeping the
Dakota,but it needs work,& need to make a decision.
I can come up with about $2500 cash right now,but
that limits my choices.

- Doug