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01-20-2005, 09:51 PM
I need some advice on the most effective way to totally clean the grime and grease from the underside of my car. What I have available is the ability to lift it on sturdy jack stands and I do have a good high pressure washer. My thoughts are to totally clean everything underneath, touch up surface rust on panels and recoat these areas and finish off with Waxoyl. I would love to have a good steamer but that ain't gonna happen. (I have used one years ago and it works wonders) I know the perils of high pressure washing too close to paint. I guess my question is what softening agent works well and am I limited to judicious use of the water blaster and go from there? One tends to overlook the underside of his car and only clean the top side. It's a dirty job but I gotta do it....


Geo Hahn
01-20-2005, 11:38 PM
I've used Simple Green, an assortment of scrub brushes and then a pressure washer with some success, but that was on a car that was going to be painted. Residue is going to go beyond the underside (e.g. the inside of the hood may get junk on it) so you will want to promptly rinse it. Maybe a tarp between the engine and the hood would be a good idea.

You may also want to have the greasegun handy and grease all the fittings after you are done as a pressure washer may get into some areas that do not normally get wet.

01-21-2005, 12:36 AM
My first vote would be for steaming. There are steam cleaners in my area to use at the car wash. Nothing says you can't drive/tow a car to that, jack it up and do it right....Spend 1-2 hours - who cares??? Now, you could also rent a steamer. The local rental shops also have them. Put the car in the driveway jacked up and have at it. $20 you're done.
I have had bad luck with that SG product - both on hot and cold surfaces. The only time I have had good luck with chemical degreasers is using the gumout brand on a hot engine. Not sure how cold would do.
LOL- when I was welding all those feet of plate to my frame I had fires ALL the time. Some got to be inches tall. A good 100lb air hose solved any issues with fires spreading.

Like Geo Hahn mentioned, take care of protecting the parts you want to leave untouched any way you go...

I still have several pounds of roaddirt/grease to clean off at the transmission area- but driving it is too much fun right now!
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