View Full Version : Series III E-Type problem to look out for

04-22-2002, 11:32 PM
Good tip, Wally! I recently had the reverse problem returning from a VJC event in Richmond. I suddenly noticed that my voltmeter was all the way over to the right! Many volts! I would stop and tap on the voltage reg and stop and restart and, for a while, all would be well. Then, without warning, the same thing again.

I had to replace the voltage regulator.

04-23-2002, 03:24 AM
While returning home from a Brit Car show/gathering in Ventura, CA, on a very hot day, I noticed the battery voltage was below normal and falling! Being about 100 miles from home, I decided to chance it. The I-5 Tejon pass was ahead with a good climb but thought I could make it. The engine cooling fans were rapidly draining the battery. I almost made it. Last few miles were on the back of a AAA hauler. Problem turned out to be the field wire from the voltage regulator to the alternator. This wire runs through the engine right side wiring harness strapped to the frame rail and then emerges to go to the alternator. All those years of the engine squirming around in its mounts relative to the fixed frame rail had fatigued the wire so that it broke at the connection. Other V-12 owners might just want to check this before they too are left on the roadside far from home. Cost of repair: about $0.50 for new spade connector.