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Webb Sledge
01-10-2005, 07:52 PM
After scrapping like mad on the firewall of my 6, I found the tags on the right side of the engine bay (as seen from driver's seat). What do these numbers stand for? Are they supposed to match up with the number on my VIN plate? There were 2 of them. The top tag read CC and then a 6 or 7 digit number, and the bottom on had some numbers and then a U, if I remember properly.

01-10-2005, 11:10 PM
Looking in my Rimmer Bros. catalog it says that one was fitted with the manufacturers of the bodyshell, the other by Triumph. so the top number of your car should be between CC 75001 and CC 85737(for a 72 model TR6) according the Victoria British. The bottom number I have no idea what it is but the U probably means that U got a keeper!!!!! just a thought.

01-11-2005, 12:27 AM
All four on my numbers (VIN, both firewall and block) are different. You can have a search done by British Heritage (for extra cost) to see which shell, chassis, motor and VIN numbers were assembled together.

Mickey Richaud
01-11-2005, 09:49 AM
Hey Webb -

I'm not sure about TR6's, but the TR3's have similar tags made of brass, and located on the bulkhead above and behind the battery. According to Bill Piggott's book Original Triumph TR, one plate has a number which is near, but slightly higher than, the commission number, and is thought to have been allocated to the complete, trimmed body. The other number appears to have no connection to the commission number and may have been allocated to the bare bodyshell, which was supplied by the manufacturer, a company called Mulliners.

In typical fashion regarding these cars, Piggott goes on to say, "However, little can be learned from either body number, although posssibly in the future some more information may materialize."

You might want to invest in his book on TR's - some great information in there. And now he's published revised versions which treat them separately (at least the TR3 and 4), and included more details and pictures.