View Full Version : Sea Foam helped my 74 !

05-24-2011, 01:31 PM
Decided to dump 2/3 of a can of Sea Foam in the 74 (Bridget) when gassing up on friday, I was skeptical on any improvements as there are many "snake oils" out there... however I have one noted improvement to comment on.

Before the treatment when Bridget had been sitting overnight/cold - on crank over #1 she would fire, then stall, crank over #2, fire then stall & then on crank # 3 she would fire & stay running - But very predicatable, if she had been sitting for a long time, it would take 2 fire & stalls before staying running - After the treatment, saturday morning I went to move Bridget, I pulled out the choke like I always do, hit the key & expected the fire & stall but instead it fired & stayed running, sure enough it has done the same thing everymorning since.

Have no idea what cleared out, but it is very obvious Sea Foam made a difference !