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03-01-2002, 11:35 AM

I got this problem in summer, when it is really hot. After driving for a while the car won`t start anymore because of the heat under the bonnet.

I am currently working on a small microcontroller solution which will run the fans till the temp. drops after the engine stops. Something like a temp. watchdog.

One more idea is to cool the carbs directly with small fans (like the ones used in PCs). Did anyone do something like that?

Any hints?

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03-01-2002, 02:19 PM
This is and has been an ongoing problem with the hot start on v-12 e-types. the one I had in 1975 (a 1971 2+2) was a terrible hot starter. This was a combination of the carbs and the opun ignion. the fix then was to put the fans on a manual switch under the dash and to raise or move the opus control box that was bolted thght to the valley of the engine block. Later years moved this control box and there was a factory fix to raise ths box into the airstream for cooling. Didn't help when you parked though!!!

Just saw a SU carb setup that is said to be a fix for the original carbs at www.burlen.co.uk (https://www.burlen.co.uk) Might be worth a look.

Good Luck!!

By the way I currently don't have a Jag but I am in the process of selling my 1936 Rolls 25/30 Hooper Limo to make room for another Jaguar E-type, V-12 2+2.

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