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05-05-2011, 01:10 PM
Hi All:

I have had a 76 midget for several years (my entry car) and am thinking about an older car. I've found a 52 TD that was restored in 79 and has been in storage for 12 years. My question is this: What are the basic steps I'll need to take to get it started and assess the running condition? Posting here because I've received lots of good advice on my Midget in the past.

05-05-2011, 02:25 PM
Hi Michael,

Fluids are the first things to consider. If gasoline was left in the tank and lines, that will be your biggest problem as it will have jelled or solidified by now. That means cleaning out the tank, flushing the fuel lines and probably disassembling and cleaning the cars.

I'm not real familiar with the XPAG engines, so I can't comment in specifics there, but make sure you squirt some MMO in the cylinders before you try to turn it over, even by hand. I find that British cars stored indoors usually don't seize up, but any oil would have long ago drained back to the pan, so make sure you have oil pressure before you try to fire it.

The cooling system will need to be flushed, especially if there are any aluminum components. I'd remove and check that the thermostat will open or just put in a new one. Check any rubber hoses (fuel, brake, water) for cracks or signs of failure.

Last, but not least, brake hydraulics are almost certain to be frozen from sitting for so many years. you will almost certainly need to rebuild or replace the MC and wheel cylinders. I have a good source for restoring these if you need.

All of this assumes it was parked and no sort of maintenance or precautions were taken over the years.

That should get you started (no pun intended...:-)

I have a '54 TD that I service occasionally, so I'm familiar with a few other things if you decide to get it.

05-05-2011, 08:28 PM
Look in the archives for "Awakening a Sleeping B". Most of that will be applicable to the TD and should cover most of the potential issues. It's what I plan on following for my 56 Jag when the time comes. Good luck.....and post PICTURES! :laugh: