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04-30-2011, 04:57 PM
May 22 in Woodland's Yolo Country Fairgounds:

Pre-registration will close on May 6th this year. We need your car to set the classes for the 2011 show.

The Annual All British Motorcar and Motorcycle Show & Swap Meet will be held on Sunday, May 22rd, at the Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland, CA.

Pre-registration closes Thursday, May 6th, so hurry before the prices go from $25 to $35! Go to our website, www.ubscc.org/CarShow.htm (https://www.ubscc.org/CarShow.htm) and download the registration form or pay on-line; just follow the links!

As of April 30th, we have 114 show car entries.

Current trophy classes are as follows:

Winners’ Circle, Austin Healy 3000, Austin Healey Bugeye , MGB 62-74, MGB 74˝ -80, MGA, MG T- series, MGTF, Sprite/Midget, Triumph TR2&3, Triumph TR4, Triumph TR6, Triumph Spitfire, Jaguar, British Specialty, and British Specialty Open, Morgan, Morris Minor, Morris traveler, .

Check out our website at www.ubscc.org (https://www.ubscc.org) to see which classes are one or two cars away from being set!

We only have until May 6th, so if you want a different trophy class than what is listed above, then enter your car and get your friends to enter too; it only takes three like vehicles to set a class. We are the only All British event that sets the trophy classes based on pre-registrations, so make the most of this show and enter your vehicle today!

We will need volunteers to help with the show. There will be signup sheets at the meetings, or send me an email and we will connect you to one of our show committees. Parking, front gate, silent auction, set up, and tear down all need YOUR help. We will also be having our Stuff-It meeting on Friday, May 20st at 6 pm, if you have time to help us put together the car show goodie bags. Following the work, we will be having a potluck dinner. Jackie & Gordon Temple will be hosting this event, so please let Jackie or me know if you will be attending.

Jerry Costanzo

Show Chairman


916 652 4537

05-03-2011, 12:17 PM
Just added a Sunbeam class as of last night.


05-04-2011, 02:54 PM
Added Jensen Interceptors, Triumph 2&3, MG Pre 1950, MGT GT,

Need one car to add the following classes
New Mini
Vintage Mini
Austin Healey 100-4
Austin Healey either 100 6,,or early 3000
Land Rover
Rolls ROyce
Triumph Stag
Triumph TR7 & TR8


05-05-2011, 03:17 PM
We added a lot of classes in the last two days but are still missing the following: We need one more car in each:
Vintage Mini
Austin Healey 100 4
Land Rover

Call a friend?


05-11-2011, 11:57 AM
At close of pre-registration, which sets the classes, we have about 35 classes and 190 cars. We expect to see another 50+ cars day of show.

Although we have a Rolls Royce class, one of the cars sent me a message that they will not be able to attend, the water pump is needing repair. Somebody bring another one, so we have at least 3 to judge.

and a junker TR3 (wondering what to do with this one)