View Full Version : A nice day for British cars here

04-15-2011, 06:27 PM
We had a very nice 75 degree day today with lots of sun. In our little town of 900 residents I saw several British cars out enjoying the day. First, at the hardware store, a resident drove up in his Healey 104. Next, I drove by another guy out washing his Lotus Super 7 prior to taking it for a drive. Last, as I was at out post office in my BE, another guy drove by in his TR3. We are so lucky to have so many enthusiasts in town. I know there are at least six more frequent drives that I did not see, but I'll bet they were thinking about getting out for a drive. I hope many of you on the forum are out in your cars as the weather turns warmer.

04-16-2011, 11:32 AM
Bugsy was out and about running errands yesterday and past few days. Oh the new front end makes him so much more fun to drive. Yes it was close to $500 in labor and materials to get the front end totally rebuilt with major suspension kit, new wishbone bushings, kingpind, etc. but oh the difference in handling and driving comfort. I did not know what it meant for the front emd to feel tight before. I do now. Next chore swapping for a Geo MEtro radiator is on the list before I tackle some more bodywork.