View Full Version : New Jaguar X-type lease rates..becoming more competitive!

01-21-2002, 10:43 AM
New Jaguar X type lease rates becoming more competitive..either the residuals are up or..sales are down..

Which do you think it is?

A nice car but to date the leasing hasn't been competitive to others in the market place..

02-11-2002, 11:19 PM
I am leasing my X type, it is cheaper then my brother's leased Chevy Impala or my niece's Jeep.
Now what would you drive? Chebby, Jeep, Jaguar?

02-15-2002, 09:14 PM
I see the residuals are up on the x type and the leases are more competitive..

Today as I took my son to the park in my Chebby Vette..LOL..I had a nice conversation with a dad who was running the Jaguar over his last lease..A lexus..

I can only say..his raves over the X type were impressive..

The statement that most rings a bell is that although the lexus was quieter..the new Jaguar really was a more intimate car..one that evoked passion..

Sounded pretty cool..

Congrats on your car..whichever one you have..

I'm very excited to see and hear about the new two seat convertible they have coming out shortly..

My wife has always loved the Jaguar convertible..I can't convince her yet to step in to that one yet..(she still wants to be practical for the toddler etc..but one day soon..I'll get her to go for the newest convertible..probably run around 40 to 50 g's..Same as her SUV crap she seems to like to drive..

Fords bright spot has been what they have done with Jaguar..

I even liked the coupe they recently presented on the show circuit..

Jaguar screams beauty!