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12-17-2004, 05:23 PM
Annual trivia quiz tests broad range of car knowledge
The constant rain and bone-chilling wind means it’s time again for the annual “Classicly Tough Trivia Quiz.” The Sound Classics staff has been hard at work thinking-up questions to which only die-hard car crazies (who never leave their computer and garage) could possibly know the answers.

For a chance at fame and fortune (okay, maybe just your name in the answers edition,) email your answers to trivia@apexstrategy.com by midnight on December 31st.

1) Pontiac paid the SCCA a $5 naming royalty for each one of these models it produced. (1pt)
2) What do the AC Ace, Sunbeam Alpine, Dodge Omni and Ford Mustang have in common? (1pt)
3) It was the first turbocharged American production car. (1pt)
4) It was the first production car with an all-fiberglass unibody/monocoque. (1pt)
5) The 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V Convertible holds this distinction. (1pt)
6) Other than Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth, name three car makes to utilize Chrysler’s Hemi engine. (3pts)
7) It was the only automobile company to ever offer a production supercharged air-cooled twelve-cylinder engine. (1pt)
8) If you wanted Ford’s direct competitor to Chevy’s Impala SuperSport in the 1960s, you bought this. (1pt)
9) This car made only between 1961 and 1968 had two top speeds in the forward direction, 68mph and 7mph. (1pt)
10) Only 337 of these nearly unobtainable Japanese supercars were made between 1965 and 1970, with the lion’s share of initial cars and spare parts being kept for its manufacturer’s executives. (1pt)
11) Its slogan was “The car that made good in a day.” (1pt)
12) Identify the displacement of all engines offered as “Regular Production Options” in first-generation (1967-1969) Camaros. (1pt each)
13) Explain the meaning of Lamborghini’s “LP400” designation and provide its better-known model name. (2pts)
14) These two 1940 cars were based on a Cord 810/812 sedan body, but were significantly modified to accept rear wheel drive. (1pt)
15) After serving-out terms of the sales agreement of their auto manufacturer, brothers Ernesto, Ettore and Bindo Maserati started what company? (1 pt)
16) What car model came with “Blackbird” and “Redbird” styling option packages? (1pt)
17) Identify the car in the picture below. (1pt)
18) It was the first Indianapolis pace car (1pt)
19) This production sports car featured a plywood monocoque platform and Volvo 1800cc engines. (1pt)
20) It was the year, make and model of “Eleanor” in the original version of “Gone in Sixty Seconds.” (3pts)
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