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01-04-2002, 01:59 PM
Greetings fellow British Car Enthusiasts. Just a note to say I only recently found this site and hope to contribute. I looked at the Jaguar naming discussion and have one more inconsistentcy to comment on. I have a 94 XJ6 or XJ40. What is it? For parts etc., it's an XJ40. The post 94 XJ6's are something else. Oh well, still drives like a Jaguar and turns heads so I can deal with it. Also have a 72 series III E-type which is low mileage un-restored original car with only un original parts being lower front ball joints and air conditioner evaporator motor. It really turns heads. Also have a 77 rubber bumper MGB for fun. Started with Brit cars with a TD, then a TR3, Sunbeam Alpine series II and V. I might be described as hopeless. Good driving. Wally