View Full Version : There it was...going the opposite direction!

12-22-2001, 02:35 PM
I had just finished a meeting for my work in Colorado Springs and was on my way out of town for the trip back to Albuquerque when I saw it. Driving the opposite direction was a Gunmetal grey XKE Series I Coupe! I saw they guy was heading into a hotel so I did a U-turn and chased after him to see if I could chat with the guy. I did catch up with him just getting out of his E. He was a real nice guy and his car was a very nice Driver. Paint was a little sad, but the interior (red) was in great shape and overall the car looked to be in pretty good shape. The owner introduced himself as "Wilson" (don't know if that was a first or last name). I saw from the eagle sticker on his windshield that he was a retired colonel. He was an older gentleman. Lets put it this way, I retired 5 years ago with 24 years in the Air Force. Wilson retired as a full colonel the year before I joined!

We had a real nice chat about Jags and he told me that he had owned seven Jags in his lifetime! I invited him to visit the forum, but he confessed that he doesn't do computers. Too bad. Anyway, after a few minutes of him telling me about his car, we shook hands and I hopped into the Miata for the trip back to Albuquerque. I wish I had my digital camera with me so I could have taken a picture.