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Big Healey 57
12-17-2001, 07:35 PM
S.F. Bay Area E Type Owners,
The Jaguar E Type is the most beautiful car every produced. Over the past several years I attended 30 to 40 vintage car shows (British car shows, hot summer night vintage car shows, concours and festival car shows) and have only seen a few E Types displayed at concours shows only. images/icons/frown.gif The folks visiting vintage car shows deserve better, they deserve to see more beautiful Jaguar E Types on display! Agree?

Is there an owner of a nice E Type in the San Francisco Bay Area, who hasn't been using or showing his/her car at the numerous vintage car shows in the Bay Area, who would be willing to loan me the car to show during the summer? I'm serious. I've lusted after an E Type for 40 years but been unable to afford one. I'd love to help someone share his/her treasure with the vintage car loving public! I'm knowledgable about E Types and would love to show one next summer and chat with car enthusiasts about the car.

Anyone interested in help to show his/her nice E Type in S.F/East Bay, please contact me privately. Thousands of vintage car enthusiasts would like to see your car. Don't waste a precious resource.

Walnut Creek, CA

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