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10-28-2001, 12:43 PM
Hi Bill,
I got your email and thought I'd reply here (trying to get the activity up dontcha know). It sounds like you have (or will have when Dan Mooney get's done) a really great car! I have heard of Doc - nuff said.

I recently sold a 62 FHC that I had bought from Dan's For Sale section. It was not Dan's car, he was just providing the forum to buy and sell, so in no way do I hold him responsible for its condition. The car had been represented as one thing by its owner and so I bought it sight unseen. I'll never do that again. I ended up selling it for substantially less than I bought it, but only after doing a good deal of work. For one thing, the compression was uneven and low on two cyls (I had been told the engine had a freash rebuild). So, before I would even consider selling it, I had the head done, to include two new valves which had been bent. Also all new guides and seals (on the intake side). I also had to replace the cone wedge on the front of the crank (that helps hold the front pully/damper tight) because the front pully was very movable by hand. I just would never sell a car that I knew had major problems like that. I had a hard time selling it because I was honest with people and told them of all the problems I knew of. The guy who bought it ended up getting a car that was not perfect, but at least I had fixed the major probs I knew about and it was a very restoable car from then on. FOr sure he knew what he was buying and I took a big loss. Oh well, live and learn.

I currently have a 67 OTS that I am restoring. It will be nothing like the job Dan Monney could do, but I'm trying to do the best I can - it will be nice, but not perfect.

It's nice to have you aboard I I look forward to your participation!


1967 Jaguar E-Type OTS
1E13333, Silver Blue