View Full Version : Albq., NM, Sept.4 & 5, 2010; School, HPDE, Race

07-13-2010, 06:04 PM
Next sports car school and road race for SouthWest MotorSport in Labor Day weekend. Event held at Sandia Motor Speedway just West of Albuquerque. 1.65 miles with 14 turns = very technical tight twisty course.

If you have any car enthusiast in you, be there! If you have a lead foot, this is the safest means of pressing that foot downward. If you've always dreamed of driving a high speeds on a closed race course, HELLO! We've had everything but the litchen sink run with us. Really, we've enjoyed the Swopes Lola Chevy V8 CanAm car. Last month, we had a Maseratti and weighty BMW sedans tooling around. Anyone remember a Chettah, one was here in May (did I mention RARE). Open wheel Formula V's to F Pro Mazdas and everything between. Very well prepared race cars to barely running street cars are invited and welcome.

SWMS is a freindly racing club. Trading paint is seriously frowned upon. Safety is first, always, and last. Many people drive to the track and want to go home the same way.

Saturday includes our 10 year old drivers school in which new or refreshing drivers get about 3 hours classroom time plus about an hour on track. We'll share with you the safe way around the track, the fast line to follow, the importance of smooth, how smart helps save your car. Our school usually has an instructor ride with you for immediate feedback and guidance. Passing is stricly managed and limited (safety!).

If you know someone in or around Albuquerque who has any car interest, please pass this along. There is a discount for early registration. The two day rate is lower than individual days.

We also invite workers, spectators, sponsors, and benefactors. Again, spread it around!