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07-02-2010, 01:39 PM
What's with MGBs lately? I see them everywhere here in NJ. Sorry, no photos.

Two different ones today (one BRG green and one dark blue).....both top down.
Yesterday a grey-ish one drove past our house (top down too).
The day before, I was followed by another light coloured B in the evening.
Saw a red one in front of a pizza place in Hamilton (NJ) a few days ago.
Saw a BRG rubber bumper car for sale new Princeton last week (I posted info about it).
Saw a nice one on a trailer earlier in the week.

And the weirdest one:

I was parked in my van in convienience store facing away from the road. I look in my rear view mirror and see an MGB roadster "floating" in the air (about 4 feet off the ground). Actually, it was on a car carrier that had been stopped (by police) and the MGB just happened to line up with the view in my mirror as I looked back. Nice one; around '71 with wire wheels.

Other "spots" recently:

~A dirty, dusty Tesla squeezed in between two Toyotas in a parking space on Nassau Street in Princeton.
~A real Porsche GT3.
~Ferrari 512 roadster taking off briskly from a traffic light (imagine the sound of ripping canvas)
~An MG-TC (bonnet open) in a Burger King parking lot with no one around.
~Morris Minor (for sale, locally) with dreadful purple paint.
~A '53-ish Chevy (like the 4WD one that Drew posted), but bone-stock and painted like an old police car (and, for sale).
~Probably six or eight new (BMW-powered) Bentleys (<span style="font-style: italic">Welcome to Morris Country, New Jersey!</span>). Last week, I saw two Bentley convertibles about 30 minutes apart, both with top-down.
~A Porsche Panamera (dreadful brown colour).
~New Maserati Quattroporte and Aston-Martin hot-dogging together on the NJ Turnpike last week. I'd estimate 90 (in a 65 mph zone).
~The Cobra kit cars are out too....saw two already today.

07-02-2010, 02:29 PM
you got some stutter there nnnnnial.

funny though how some days it's feast or famine.