View Full Version : Nice TVR for sale

06-11-2010, 07:56 AM
On eBay today (I have no connection, just admiring a nice TVR):

https://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ONE-KIND-...=item4aa2100a27 (https://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ONE-KIND-1978-TVR-3000S-exceptional-car-/320546540071?cmd=ViewItem&pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=i tem4aa2100a27)

Big price, I'll bet he comes down some.

Just lovely . . .

06-11-2010, 12:01 PM
Like the hardtop set up, gets the best of both worlds. Very nice, but very pricy. Although, I hope he get his price!!!!

06-14-2010, 09:25 AM
The interior is immaculate.

06-17-2010, 04:40 AM
You really have to see this car first hand to fully appreciate the incredible quality of it. The owner does incredible work on bringing the standard of his TVRs up to the utmost level and, in the past, he has gotten some very STRONG prices when he has sold previous TVRs.