View Full Version : Albq., NM, SWMS HPDS, Lapping, Race; June 5 & 6

05-28-2010, 04:42 PM
May's first race was one of best we've enjoyed in 10 years. About 10 new drivers joined the fray. A sizable group of karts and cars joined the on track fun.

You are almost guaranteed to enjoy a SWMS event regardless of how you participate. Spectators are always welcome. Sign the release, no gate fee. Workers are always needed. A corner may be hot or wet but is always the second best seat in the house (drivers seat is better). Joining the High Performance Driving School will enhance your driving skills, build your confidence, teach you about both your and the car's limits and abilities or polich your rusty past (some verifiable on track background required or attend school). Racers of both vintage and contemporary cars will enjoy the friendly gentlemen's club racing (most club licenses qualify drivers entry, new drivers need school).

Sandia Motor Speedway is a 1.6 mile closed course with 14 turns ranging from 30 MPH hairpins to 100 MPH sweepers. Most entrants from students to racers get about an hour a day on track. If your new, you will go home both happy and tired. If you've done this, nuf said.

Your car will be exercised. Come prepared. Full tank, brakes checked and bled. No loose items anywhere in car, mini tech is required. Tires air checked (no baldys), wheels alligned. You need long sleeve shirt, long pants, closed shoes, sun screen (we hope), WATER, shade hat, helmet (student and lapper, any helmet. Race requires Snell race helmet of recent vintage (not 1985).

SWMS is safety oriented. If you like to bang around, you'll quickly be disinvited. Wander thru our rules on the web site. ASk questions if you need help. We are also a friendly club, low intensity. We've all come to the maturity point at which we know the F1 scouts will NOT be here (darn).