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05-20-2010, 01:14 PM
I wanted to let you know that our annual car show for charity is coming up June 5th at Dublin Park in Madison, AL (Huntsville). We are NABMS, Tony Barnhill's old club here in Huntsville, AL.

Last year we had about 100 cars here for a great day in the park. We were able to donate over $500 to two local charities from the proceeds of the show's car entry fees and food sales. This year our goal is 150 cars and an $800 donation so we need your help again. The money raised comes from car entry fees and food sales so we need as many European (mostly British) cars there as possible.

Viewing admission is free and we all like showing our cars and talking to spectators about them but it's the entry fees of cars that help us raise the money for charity so we want to get a lot of those. We have lots of prizes for cars entered in 25 categories and a T-shirt. This year we also have an award for out of town participation for the club entering the most cars in the show from outside the Huntsville area. The Mayor of Madison was there last year has been invited again this year to award the Mayor's Choice award.

More details are available on our website www.nabms.org (https://www.nabms.org) or more specifically https://www.nabms.org/EuroBrit/2010/EuroBritHome.htm There is a scenic drive on the Friday June 4th that culminates in a free dinner for participants and directions are included on the website.

Love to see some of you guys come.


05-24-2010, 10:23 PM

Looking at the club website - what language is
the "NEWS" section written in?

- Doug