View Full Version : Vacation trip, Nv and Ca

05-03-2010, 09:56 AM
I've recently had two weeks in Las Vegas and California, and spotted several British cars on my travels. One of our favourite games is to take off down random side roads to see what we can see, assuming we have time. This method showed up a 1963 Ford Cortina in San Jose, CA; a rubber MGB in Las Vegas and a large selection of American classics, which I love. I also spotted a Metropolitan on Route 66 at Barstow and a Mini (proper one) at the top of a hill in San Francisco; my rental Suburban had just struggled with the same hill! There was another Mini in a very dismantled state, visible from the highway on the ride back to Vegas from San Diego, but I'm afraid I've forgotten exactly where.

I know the B sold well in America, and the Metropolitan was even made there, but the Minis and especially the Cortina came as a big surprise! That model of Cortina was the first car I ever drove...