View Full Version : BE Phantom Rear Axle End Play

03-31-2010, 10:14 PM
Pulling the brake drums off the BE to check condition and then adjust; grabbed the right rear axle and the dang thing's got end play!
That was yesterday; today went out and had another look and noticed that the posi-drive/phillips screw holding the axle to the hub was somewhat less than finger tight; snugged it up and - no more end play.

I'll be back in on all the brake drums again later as I want someone with better eyes to check the rear shoes for contamination, then I'll snug everything up and use blue loctite. And I'll fish out the dial gauge and properly check for end play.

With the wheel nuts on and properly torqued down, I expect that everything was nice and properly tight. But I did get a bit of a scare and figured I'd share this 'heads-up' with you guys.