View Full Version : TVRs at 'The Gathering'?

03-21-2010, 11:26 AM
Hello fellow TVR fans, I wanted to let everyone along the southern Mid Atlantic region know of a great show coming up on April 17th in North Carolina. It's called "The Gathering" and is sponsored by the Triumph Club of the Carolinas and held at the beautiful Shelton Vineyards just off Interstate 77 near Dobson, NC. The club has done an excellent job with this show over the years and the venue is really beautiful. We always have a TVR attendance but it would be nice to really have the TVRs turn out in force this year. This year's focus car will be the 'wedge' which will include TR7/8 models, Lotus Esprits, and the wedge TVRs among others. So it would be nice to have a particularly strong wedge turnout of TVRs there to participate in the honored class, but also to have a nice showing of the pre-wedge models as well for everyone to see and enjoy.
So, if you are interested in learning more about this event, go to https://www.triumphclub.org/Gathering/index.htm and get registered. If the primary hotel is already booked, there are other accommodations nearby so don't let that stop you from coming. Looking forward to seeing you all there.