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Webb Sledge
10-10-2004, 11:07 PM
When I woke up this morning, Sunday, at 6:15 in order to meet a few members from my local British Car Club, I asked myself what in the world would make me want to make me get up this early, drive 5 hours (2 hours there, 3 back: We had a different leader on the way back...) in a cramped, hot car only to go to a car show that I know I have no chance of even making 3rd place in class. Our club's small caravan of 4 cars, myself in my 72 TR6, a beautiful 59 MGA roadster, a supercharged '70 MG B (received 3rd in class), and a spotless '65 TR250 (tied for 1st in class) headed to Shoney's at 7 to eat breakfast. At 8am, the 7 of us got on the road (Rt 340 north), which we took all the way to Middleberg (near Marshall), Virginia. After driving for about 15 minutes, enough time to get out onto the twisty, hilly roads and into the country side, my doubts about waking up so early were answered. Three hours of driving in some of the most beautiful countryside in America, in my humble opinion, and spending time with fellow friends and British Car crazies like myself on a beautiful 75 degree cloudless day; it just doesn't get any better than that.

Once we arrived I was stunned by the beauty of the Willoughby Farm, owned by Bill and Barbara Scott, where the show was held. Originally a pre-Civil War house stood on the cattle farm. I believe the total car attendance for today's show was about 236, with every make and model represented, from an AC Ace to an MG A Twin Cam. Bill Scott also owns Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia, and the Summit Point apple orchard adjacent to it. I also met BCF member "Stinky" there, with his beautiful forest green TR6 (the one with the louvered bonnet).

This is another show that you should really make an effort to attend if you can. I can't imagine many shows classier than this, but still retaining that down-to-earth attitude that makes British car owners the best kind of car owners. I can't think of a better way to spend a day. (You like that rhyme, don't you?)

I have pictures (as always), but once again they have to be developed, so I should have them up by the end of the week or so. You can also visit Hunt Country Classic's website (which was hosted by the MG Car Club of Washington, D.C.) here: https://www.mgcarclubdc.com/hcc/hcc_main.html

10-11-2004, 09:25 AM
It was good to meet you in person. It was amazing how many people I ran into there that I knew.
Besides the guy's from our local club, and Webb, I ran into my buddy that does body work for me, one neighbor that owns an Aston Martin (among other cars), and finally caught up to a guy that has a black TR6 that I've seen blasting around town here, but I never got to talk to.
So all in all it was a good deal. We left before the presentations, but I heard one of our Club members placed 1st with his V-8 powered MG.
I'm sure they will mail me all the awards I won. LOL!!