View Full Version : First Place at the Nashville British Car Show!

Mickey Richaud
10-09-2004, 09:11 PM
The good news is that my TR3 took first place today! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

The bad news is that there was only one entry! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cryin.gif

All in all a good day. The rain that was threatening held off. Some neat cars, including those of a group from England who are touring the country in their Jags (and a neat Austin Swallow!), a gorgeous '30's MG TA coupe that took best in show, and a display from the local Lane Motor Museum, including a Tatra, a couple of three-wheelers, and a mid-fifties Simca convertible that was a prototype given to Bridgette Bardot in return for advertising.

Also saw Adam from Alabama and his MGB with the V6 - lots of interest in his conversion.


10-09-2004, 09:47 PM
Congratulations, Mickey. Hey, a win is a win, right?

10-09-2004, 11:07 PM
Congrats! Sounds like a good day...

Reminds me why I wish I lived down in the States sometimes instead of British/import car starved Alberta... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cryin.gif would have loved to see that Tatra and Simca... How easy is it to get a green card to work down there? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif Seriously, I still enjoy life here in British/import car starved Alberta, there are other perks to living here /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/yesnod.gif

On the bright side had a decent automotive day. Spotted a very nice 1947 Packard while out garage saleing this morning (got a nice picture of it), and attended a local car show plus - the highlight of the day - the open house weekend of our Calgary Fire Department Museum. They have about 26 to 30 old fire trucks, some quite rare, including a 1929 Magirus fire truck (German, one of six known in North America) plus lots of Seagrave and American LaFrance trucks - https://www.firefightersmuseum.org

Mickey Richaud
10-09-2004, 11:15 PM
Thanks, Jeff. A win is a win, but I'm not really in this for that. It was disappointing that mine was the only TR3 out there. I enjoy comparing notes with other owners and seeing other examples of the marque. We've had a number of them in the past, but they seem to be dwindling. The weather was a factor, as we were expecting rain, but even so, it was a pretty fair turnout, and a well-run show. Maybe next year...


Mickey Richaud
10-09-2004, 11:18 PM
Hey Sherlock -

Got some pictures of the Simca and Tatra, but have to have them developed. I'll try to get them scanned and e-mail them to you - cool cars!


10-09-2004, 11:28 PM
Mickey accepts his award! (https://britishcarforum.com/files/mask9.wav) /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/jester.gif

Mickey Richaud
10-09-2004, 11:42 PM
/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/lol.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/lol.gifHey Bas -

You were there??? I didn't see you!! And you caught my acceptance speech, too!

Russ Austin
10-12-2004, 10:20 PM
Hey Mickey; Sorry I didnít give you any run for money this year. We had reservations at AmeriSuites and had to cancel at the last minute, my mother-in-law became ill. Darn I would have been guaranteed 2nd place. Please say hi to W.O. and all those great Tennessee folks.

Look forward to next year.

Russ Austin
58 TR3A

Mickey Richaud
10-12-2004, 10:48 PM
Hey Russ -

Someone mentioned he had met you - at the Evansville show maybe? - and that you might be coming. Hope your mother-in-law is OK.

Don't know about that 2nd place - the TR3 has been neglected of late, as I'm working on a B for my wife.

By the way, there's a TR3 for sale here that's not too bad, if you know of anyone looking for one.

Any chance of making the Chattanooga show in November? Here's a link to their site:

www.southernbritishcarclub.org/home.html (https://www.southernbritishcarclub.org/home.html)

I'm going to try, but may have a conflict.