View Full Version : Darn! The Ugly Spitfire's Back - Where's the Snow

12-25-2009, 02:33 AM
Can't we get a nice car ( even an E Type) on here,instead of that hidiuous Spitfire?

- Doug

12-25-2009, 11:00 AM
HEY!!! Spitfires were instrumental in th' winnin' of the Battle of Britti.....


<span style="font-size: 8pt">~nevermind~</span>

12-25-2009, 12:30 PM
Ugly Spitfire..where???

Must be blind on the nog as I don't see it

12-25-2009, 01:49 PM
where ?

i hae a soft spot in my heart for ugly cars..


12-25-2009, 09:52 PM

It's all SPARKLY an' stuff!!!

12-26-2009, 01:33 AM
I'm referring to the racing Spitfire that comes up at
the top of the screen before you log in.The HIGH rear
spoiler,the weird rollbar,&amp; the paint scheme just don't
look right.
Why can't there be a really nice example (maybe Basil's-
cars) be put in place of that one?I always "scroll down"
before I log in,just to avoid seeing it.

- Doug

12-26-2009, 01:40 AM
Don't find it. You sure. Post a screen shot.

12-26-2009, 08:45 AM
Geez, Dar... it's been there forever. Not there now in the Christmas theme.

<span style="font-style: italic">EDIT: ARGH!!! BASIL!!! Stop that!!!

I JUST POSTED and on refresh, the Spitfire is back.

...makin' my head spin.</span>

12-26-2009, 11:05 AM
If that turns out to be Basil's Spit, somebody may be toast.

12-26-2009, 11:17 AM
DUH!!! I didn't see it 'cause that ain't ugly...that's a spit set up to do what spits do best..KICK BUTT!!! OK, so maybe is kinda on the homely side. :laugh:.

my bad.

tony barnhill
12-26-2009, 12:22 PM
I never log out! So, I've never seen it.

12-26-2009, 12:40 PM
Hello, my name is Tony and I'm addicted to the BCF.

Hi, Tony!

12-26-2009, 03:33 PM
I'm the same as Tony.. I never see the title page. It always comes right up to the forums page. Set as my homepage.

12-26-2009, 04:17 PM
The onlt thing that bothers me is the paint around the headlights.

Never noticed the spoiler before.

Looks like a guy on a motorcycle to the left of it driving through broken shards of glass w/ a "late model" dirt track car behind the spit.

Looks like Basil is getting subliminal on us. :jester: