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12-25-2009, 12:28 AM
For weeks the stock of TR4s and TR3s on Ebay has been low. Right now lower than I recall since 2002.

Hopefully, people are just happy and keeping them. Hopefully, the dwindling dollar and foreign demand isn't sending the good ones overseas.

12-25-2009, 06:14 AM
Maybe people are waiting for an upturn in the economy to sell. Demand and Value have to be a little down like everything else.

12-25-2009, 08:44 AM
Figuring out the dynamics of the classic LBC car market is harder than reading a college Econ textbook.

Seems to me that there are a TON of some LBCs, like TR-6s, and surprisingly few other models/makes.

I counted more than 25 TR-6s on eBay alone recently! Many of them apparently nice examples, too. What could account for that phenom? Also saw a GT6 sell for a near-record $17,000 on eBay a couple of weeks ago. Never saw that before.

Go figure. However, there's no doubt that this is a good time to buy, or at least to bargain hunt.

Keep yer eyes open, and snatch one up! :yesnod:

12-25-2009, 09:39 AM
Ebay postings always drop over the holidays. They will be back up soon.

12-26-2009, 05:07 PM
IMO, this helps the hobby. I love classic cars. But I didnt want to ever have a 60s-70s car Why? I remember when they were $1000-$5000 cars that no one wanted. Seriously! Now 2003,04,05 they go for $50k-100k! Basically prices my generation out of the hobby. Then I discoverd triumph, learned how cheap the cars were, how cheap the parts are... ...and eventually learns how butt easy it is to work on them as opposed to other classics and modern cars.

The car hobby is hurting because:
1) economy (moneys tight, or the fear that it soon will be)
2) sticker shock (fear that the hobby is expensive)
3) emerging throw away generation

#3 is a big deal. Seriously why must all electronics be obsolete after a year? My brother owns 4 different ipods. I cant even tell you how many cell phones everyone I know has had in the past. Heck, I myself even made fun of one guys dot matrix midi ring tone nokia. Why buy a used car? Why restore an old one? You got hail damage? someone key you? !@#$ that! Buy a new one! Older guys think my GT6 is awesome, because they see the potential... ...but Im sure everyone else sees it as a junked car contributing to urban blight, totaled, and should be crushed. When you think about it, to fully restore this (including rechroming everything) yes it is totaled, especially if I had to hire someone to do everything for me.

Car club members: how many people under 30 are in your club? Unless youre into Scions, we're going to be pretty rare. Were the youngest at mustang events, and the youngest at porsche. Pretty much every car show I go to, if the scions dont show up, then yes, we're the youngest at those too. Why? People dont know that you can get into a running porsche 928 for $3000, and since most mustang enthusiasts seek 60s and 21st century mustangs, people forget that you can get a decent one for $1000-$4000 and have 3 different body styles to choose from. Those I know who participate are checkbook restorers too, so yeah, its pretty much a rich mans hobby... ...or at least, appears to be one to most people.

Now the scary part: Due to the age of the majority hobbyists, it seems like every event I hear how some club member passed on. Been a member for so and so many decades and what not... ...but the only new members theyre getting seem to be people of the same age... ...no youngsters... ...so the fear that everyone will die off is there, which may be why they force their offspring to participate in hopes that they'll still be into it, when they grow up. The car hobby is dying. Remember all the drag strips that used to exist? Apparently there were a ton where I am in the late 60s. Now theyre ALL gone, basically after the gas shortage, they and the hobby died off. I live in a huge metroplex, and yet the nearest 1/4 mile track is 2 hours away... ...oddly near a drive in theatre. Sure, theres Fast & the Furious, and some help with the the sport of drift, but thats helping the tuner scene, imports... ...what about the domestics? What about anything classic?

Back on topic: With 40yo and older classics becoming more and more affordable, the younger generation may rediscover this fun hobby. The desire to be different, special, and have a unique custom car to represent that may get stronger (it already is somewhat strong amonst my age group.) When this happens, and more and more people get back into the hobby, demand and price will go up.