View Full Version : Getting closer on the inner fender

12-15-2009, 07:24 PM
Hi guys - as you may remember my inner fender on the '71 TR6 was in pretty bad shape.

After I cut all the rot back to solid metal I was left with a gap between the original metal that I wanted to save and the new bulkhead panel


So after merrily cutting away at a piece of new metal until it fit I started welding it in.


I decided it was better to leave extra metal on the patch since it is easy to cut it to shape to match the new bulkhead once everything is in place;


Some trimming and smoothing left, but getting closer.


There are some pinholes and lower alignment issues to be to be fixed still but I ran out of gas, so I'm done with this for the day.

(try not to look at the mangled inner sill hanging there - it will be gone soon I promise)

12-15-2009, 08:07 PM
Looks good from here. Wish you were closer I could have given you the whole panel a few months ago. I may have a right side somewhere if yours is bad.

Keep up the good work.


12-15-2009, 08:39 PM
Looks like fun..... Good luck!

12-15-2009, 08:40 PM
Hi Wayne - let me know if you find that other piece! Thanks.