View Full Version : Albq., NM, SWMS HPDE & Race, 10/31 & 11/1/09

10-01-2009, 05:30 PM
In or near Albuquerque? Some of the best auto racing and high performance driving experiences are at SouthWest MotorSport club events for the past 8 years. Last event of the season is at Sandia Motor Speedway top of 9 Mile Hill just West of Albuquerque last weekend of October. Pray for sun!

Typical event for SWMS, students/school/HPDE is Saturday only. Experienced racers or track drivers also invited for group based upon your vehicle and drivers level and experience. SWMS does "gentlemen" races. Overly aggressive fender racers might want to play elsewhere.

Everyone is invited and welcome. Spectators, race workers, students, racers, family, friends, sponsors, and benefactors...everyone! Spectator fee is zip, zero, zilch. Entry fees at the club website in my sig file.

Register early so class will have adequate instructors. We aim for a 1 to 1 ratio instructor to student. School includes on track and in class plus video training.

Street cars are invited and are grouped for safe on track experience. Race prepared cars are invited both vintage and contemp, closed wheel and open. We've had everything from go karts (if enough attend) to vintage Can Am cars. FVs to F2000s.

10-21-2009, 09:47 AM
Shifter karts are also invited, welcome, and are a hoot to watch. We've had 12 or 15 karts at a couple events. Karts are a somewhat less costly means of getting your kicks just a bit South or Route 66.

Workers and entrants are invited to a semi hosted party post event on Saturday. It will be a pot luck with the main dish by the club. Hamburgers or left over halloween candy is the menu?.?.

If you've always been interested in sports car road racing, you need to plan on at least watching this event. Frankly, the second best seat is working a corner. It's a huge commitment of time as you'll be stuck on course for at least half a day but the action on the track is far better than on TV or from the stands. Oh, the best seat is in your drivers seat as a student or race driver.

SWMS has a great history of safety and fun simultaneously. We have a very wide range of entries from an 850 cc Abarth to contemporary Porsche race cars, from vintage FV with 50 HP VW motors to a verys sharp F2 Brabham, from street Honda hatchbacks to blown Mustangs. If you like cars, SWMS at Sandia is THE place to be.

Looking at the weather, remember the scout motto...be prepared!