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09-07-2004, 03:09 PM
Here's 2 Gogomobiles we saw at Lime Rock Vintage last weekend. According to the owner, they have 2-cycle Glas engines. The roadster was built in Australia. It only has a door (suicide style) on the driver's side.
The van is like a rolling phone-booth.

For links to all the pictures I took at Lime Rock, go here:




09-07-2004, 10:16 PM
Nial, good pictures. I took only a few this year & most of those were of motorcycles. I think the little Goggo Dart you mentioned was fascinating & I did get a few shots of that.

Good flea market this year, for me anyway. I'd like to see them bring the auction back. And I'm praying for someone else to pick up the major sponsorship - good grief! Enough already with the BMW story.

09-08-2004, 09:08 AM

Sorry I missed you. I did run into a bunch of other friends...hope to see you next time.
I caravaned with the red Mini-Cooper parked between the rest-room building and the midway (it was covered with EMRA stickers).
You're right about the excess BMW stuff...enough! And what was with that hideous "MINI-Speedster"...arrgh!
Too bad about some of the accidents in the event(the Cad-Allard, the big Healey, the Mog, etc.) but everything looked fixable and no one was hurt. Seems like they're driving with more vigor this year.
Another great year for cars: Five 100Ss, at least six Bugattis and all those Panamerica racers. I talked to one of the guys with a pre-war MG racer and he just had it shipped from Calif to this event....there were a lot of other folks from the Monterey event too. Many will hang around until the Watkins Glen vintage in a few weeks (I'm not going, but several of my students are).
I almost bought a wooden steering wheels at the flea market but couldn't get the price I wanted....some good stuff for sale (except for that awful Europa "project").
Wang brought his three zillion-dollar Ferraris and the Birdcage (again). I'd like to have just the spare change he loses in the dryer.
Here's another page of pictures: