View Full Version : NJ Thunderbolt Historics-Sept-18-20

08-23-2009, 10:56 AM
This is a great vintage event at the NJ Motorsports Park (45 min south of Atlantic City). It's on Sept-18 to 20. Please pass this info on to others not on this site.

Pictures tell it all so ~Click Here~ (https://vintageracer.tripod.com/njmp2008.html) to see the 2008 Thunderbolt event.

~Click Here For More Info on the 2009 event~ (https://www.vrgonline.org/)

This is a non-spectator event, but you may be able to volunteer or crew for someone....for more on this, write to Mark Palmer at the VRG link above.

Also, here a recent note from VRG:

VRG is getting a lot of entries for Austin Healeys (big Healeys and Sprites) at the VRG New Jersey Historic Races, September 18-20 ... so we figured, why not feature them?

So we'll have a special all-Healey race sometime during the weekend, maybe even twice (one Saturday and one Sunday if I can work out the schedule). No extra charge, all Austin Healeys welcome, Sprites, 100-4's, 100-6's, 3000's, heck we'd even love to have a Westland or an Elliott (the "Austin" part is waived for them).

True, the 3000's do have a bit more displacement than the Sprites, but lap times for a fully-modified 1275 Sprite are just about as quick as most big Healeys. I think everyone will have someone to race with.

So, if you have already entered -- THANKS -- and please encourage your Healey buddies to come. If you haven't entered yet, here's another reason to come. You'll get plenty of track time in your "regular" race group, then the additional bonus of the Austin Healey Feature Race.

2008 Thunderbolt