View Full Version : 115 MPH in a Fiat punto?

08-31-2004, 02:13 AM
Maybe this belongs in the humor section, but here it is anyway. I can relate to this story since I rented a Punto while touring Italy a couple years ago.

https://www.reuters.co.uk/newsArticle.jhtml;?type=oddlyEnoughNews&storyID=60 93285

08-31-2004, 02:26 AM
That is pretty funny. When I first saw the topic title I thought maybe someone had driven it off a cliff while a friend put a radar gun on it to see how fast it fell.

08-31-2004, 02:46 AM

09-02-2004, 04:56 AM
From the article:

"Police were finally forced to drop the speeding charges, although Lucas was fined 40 pounds for driving without due care and attention."

I presume the "due care" means he didn't see the roadside speed camera....

09-02-2004, 10:51 AM
"I presume the "due care" means he didn't see the roadside speed camera.... "

Quite possibly...... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif The "due care" charge is usually a catch-all tagged on to the speeding charge. The speeding offence carries the stiffer penalty, but if for some reason the offender gets away with that one....as in this case.....he gets slammed with "due care and attention" because by his own admission he WAS speeding, but since they did not charge him with the offence of driving at 85mph he cannot be convicted of that, but as he was driving "without due car and attention" by being over the speed limit anyway, he was nailed for that. They get you either way.