View Full Version : Funny how plans change...

07-25-2009, 10:06 PM
I took the 6 out for a couple of laps around the block this afternoon to warm it up for a GM Top End Cleaner treatment. Back in the garage while I was removing the air filter housing there is a giant WHOOOSH :shocked: followed by steam and coolant gushing everywhere! When everything cleared the hose from the water pump to the pipe leading to the radiator had popped off the pipe which was aimed right where I had been leaning.

Needless to say the air filter housing got tightened back up and the plan was a-changin'. Now, thinking there's no point in just refilling the coolant and checking all the hose clamps and getting on with my life, the car is up on ramps and the radiator is out so I can replace the fan which is missing a blade and I can access the sway bar bushing bolts and finally put the new bushings on. The radiator will probably find it's way to a rad shop to get cleaned out and the block will get flushed (I was able to loosen the block drain!!) which I didn't do last time. Oh boy - here I go again! All when I was just planning to spray some stuff in the engine and watch it smoke for a bit in the morning.

At least it popped in the garage instead of out on the road somewhere and I managed to jump out of the way and not get scalded. A big part of the problem seems to be that there is no bead on the pipe to help hold the hose on. I guess I'll have to make a better inspection of the hose attachments from time to time. Has anyone seen a lower radiator pipe with beads to help retain the hose? The pipe I have the stainless steel replacement from TRF.


07-25-2009, 10:51 PM
The originals are smooth. Just make certain the hose has enough overlap on the pipe and the clamp is snugged and you should be fine.