View Full Version : TR6 Black (or close) TR6 north of Kirkland today

07-18-2009, 04:39 PM
Driving the MK2 Jag, waved.......no response.
Looked like wires as I saw it in the rearview after I made the left, but had sunglasses on, not vision glasses, hard to tell.

One of you folks?


07-23-2009, 11:07 PM
Not me, and I don't know anyone in Kirkland with a dark colored TR6.

Take a peek at the All British Field Meet this weekend, probably show up there.

Fellow Kirkland TR6-er

07-23-2009, 11:46 PM
This was 132 and 132, up on the hill above the old Grahamn Steel.
He was SB at the signal, I was NB in left turn lane.
Rear-view as he moved across, couldn't tell if it was wires or spoked mags.
We'll see.

Yours is blue?
I'll look for ya.

Bronze 64 Jag RHD MK2.

Up on Finn Hill.


07-24-2009, 11:43 AM
As a rule, we triumph owners never wave back at you Jag owners!! :whistle: :jester:

Since Dave :bow: helped me out with my steering column debacle i have to be careful, but Good Gawd awmighty this time I jes can't hep myseff.

07-24-2009, 12:04 PM
My wife hasn't quite figger'd out the waving 'thing' yet. "Who was that?" is almost always her response when I wave to someone.

07-24-2009, 06:16 PM
I've driven Rovers, Trumpets, Morris Garages, Jags, a Healey or two......but this Jag is what I can drive in the pouring rain....as long as the Genuine Lucas Intermittent Wipers keep working

I drove it to a Sub Veteran's Meeting a short time after I'd gotten it.
Came out 2-1/2 hours later, clouds on the ground, POURING rain, found out if A) the flicker/dim/off or self-dimming Lucas Headlamps would continue to function, and B) if the wipers would work.

All was fine.

Except for half the dash lights, and no "high" setting on said dash lights.

I know MG folks tend to raise one or two fingers in a sort of salute.
Unless they're running Brooklands screens, then they ignore you.