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07-13-2009, 04:37 PM
As some of you know, a recent auto accident has put me in the position of needing to locate a left door and a left rear wing for my TR3.

Public acknowledgment here of martx-5 and TR4nut who have both made generously priced offers of parts to a brother-in-need (me). This place is INCREDIBLE. Thanks guys! I am still sifting through what's available out there.


I've heard the term "square-corner" applied to doors. This suggests a "round(er) corner" style must exist too.
Which corner is being referenced?
Which does TS51006 have?
When does the change occur.
(I know only TR2s, and not even all of those, have "long doors.")
Post 60K doors no longer use the wooden top rail. Would such a door fit TS51006, which has wood-top doors? Is there not also a change in the location of the frontmost tonneau stud at 60K?

Rear wing:
Totally adrift here. I've never heard any discussion of changes to the rear wing, from TS1 on out. Are there any of which I should be aware?

Don Elliott
07-13-2009, 05:23 PM
S-T used doors with the two bottom corners square all the way up to TR3As below TS 60000. After that the doors havce rounded bottom corners and fewer wood bits inside the doors on the later TR3As and the TR3Bs.

I have a spare door with the square bottom corners for the earlier TR3As.

Here is a photo for the late TR3A we restored in 2006.

07-13-2009, 05:47 PM
Theoretically the wings are all the same, but John Ames swears that early TR2 wings have a slightly different shape to them.
However, I doubt you'll find anything early enough for that to be a problem, and anyway it would come under the "beat to fit" that will be required for almost any part from another car.

TS39781LO was wearing fiberglass rear wings when it was hit. The RR was totally destroyed, but the LR was untouched I think. Let me know if you're interested in 'plastic' and I'll take a look at it. However, the captive nuts had metric threads, so finding the right bolts for the drip rail might be a problem; and it probably has a crack or two to be repaired.

There were some other changes in stud location, I think one of the printed TRF catalogs spelled out the change points. But the Robbins tonneau cover they sent me for TS13571L doesn't come anywhere close to meeting the front stud on either side (which certainly looks to be in the original location) so they may be mistaken as well. I'd suggest you just fill & drill your new door to match the other one.

Door hinges also changed at TS60000, not sure if they interchange or not. The later hinges were steel and much thinner than the old brass ones.