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07-01-2009, 08:49 AM
I started sorting out my project TR4A for painting and realized I don't know which of the small bits are painted body color, black, or left unpainted. So I need help.
Also, what about hardware for these items and for attaching fenders, etc. - bolt heads - painted or unpainted?

Here's my list so far of the 12 items that I need help with with my guesses: Please add any other items that I might have overlooked.

<span style="text-decoration: underline">TR4A Painting Bits</span>

Paint body color [body color]
Paint black [black]
Unpainted [plain]

1-Hood hinges [body]
2-Hood catch plate (on body) [body or zinc(later cars)]
3-Hood pin &amp; catch (on hood) [body]
4-Hood prop rod [black]

5-Radiator support brackets [black]
5a-Grill support tubes [body]

6-Door hinges [body]
6a-Door latches &amp; catches [plain]
6b-Door mechanism hex bolt heads [body]
6c-Door check straps [plain]

7-Windshield post brackets [plain]
8-Gearbox cover [plain fiberboard]
9-Driveshaft cover [body fiberboard]

10-Trunk lid support tube [body]
11-Trunk lid support slider [plain]
12-Trunk lock/latch [plain]

13-Bumper brackets f&amp;r [black]
14-Rear fender outriggers [black]
15-Front fender bolt heads [???]

Like the TR3, parts were painted body color if they were assembled before painting. Variations in other bits are normal from car to car. It's a LBC

Geo Hahn
07-01-2009, 10:56 AM
Your guesses are pretty good. I'm working from memory (not home today) and with a TR4, but here is what I recall:

1-Hood hinges [body] AGREE
2-Hood catch plate (on body) AGREE
3-Hood pin &amp; catch (on hood) [body] AGREE
4-Hood prop rod [black] AGREE

5-Radiator support rods [body] -- Think these are black

6-Door hinges [body] AGREE
6a-Door latches [plain] AGREE
6b-Door mechanism hex bolt heads -- Plain (I think)
6c-Door check straps -- Straps are plain

7-Windshield post brackets AGREE
8-Gearbox cover [plain fiberboard?] AGREE, though oil-soaked is de rigeur
9-Driveshaft cover [body] AGREE

10-Trunk support tube [body] AGREE
11-Trunk lid support slider [plain] AGREE
12-Trunk lock/latch [plain] AGREE

07-01-2009, 08:38 PM

2) Hood catch on a TR4 is body color, and I'm pretty sure the catch on a TR250-6 is plain - suspect the 4A is plain as well since it is the same style, but that's a guess.

5) On the 4, the rod supports from the radiator to the crossmember are black.