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06-29-2009, 09:45 AM
I will be attending the TRF Summer Party along with my 9 year old nephew. Our route currently is to leave Green Bay, WI, cross Lake Michigan via ferry and arrive in Muskegon MI. From there we will drive to the Akron/Youngstown area, stay overnight, and then travel the next day to the Party. Looking for any suggestions on roads to take/avoid on the trip from Muskegon to Akron/Youngstown. Any hotel recommendations in the Akron/Youngstown neighborhood also appreciated. We are taking a 1959 TR3A so I'm trying to limit my time on the freeway since I am overdriveless. Thanks for any help.

06-29-2009, 10:04 AM
Hi Gene-

Long time no see! I still have your contact info stashed away in case I need the hubs pulled on my TR.

Not sure if it helps much, but have you scoped out something like Google maps (https://maps.google.com) - you can get a basic route from Muskegon to Youngstown, and use the option of avoiding highways. Google comes up with a 404 mile route with 10 hr eta. Probably could optimize from there.


06-29-2009, 06:19 PM
I'm from Mecca Ohio which is 20 miles north from Youngstown and I'm going to the summer party too. Been to so many I've lost count. So far there will be 4 of us going and taking a 60 TR3A and a 68 TR250. I say so far because I may have a TR8 by this weekend or a TR7 in my back pocket if the 8 falls thru.

We are planning to leave Thursday afternoon and get to the factory before dark so we don't miss anything on Friday. We're camping. If you never been there it's a blast! As far as staying in Youngstown area there are motels at the I80 and RT46 interchange. My boss stays at the Comfort in there and likes it. You can leave there the next day and jump on the interstate 80E. Your about 3 hours from TRF from there.

As far as directions my favorite way there is taking 422 East all the way to Indiana PA. You can follow the signs from there but I think you take 119 or 23 South to Armaugh. 422 is a mixture of 2 lanes from 35 mph to 65 mph. Many towns and places to stop if need be. From the I80 46 interchange you can go all highway and pick up 422 on the east side of New Castle PA. Take 80 east to 60 south and follow the sings to Butler PA.

PM me and we'll get in touch if you want more details.


06-29-2009, 11:01 PM
I would also use 422. I drive it every Monday to Indiana, PA. About 8 miles beyond the Indiana exits on 422, make a Right onto Rt. 259(you will see signs for Yellow Creek State Park). Follow 259 to stop sign at Rt.56 in Brush Valley, roughly 6 miles. Turn left on to 56, follow to Armaugh to the Rt. 22E entrance. Turn left on to 22. Less than 1 mile, exit at Dilltown. Left off exit. Just beyond the 22W entrance, turn left(you will see TRF signs).

As per the route prior to 422, somebody else can help you. Or, you can read "The Last Open Road" by Burt Levy and follow the course Buddy Palumbo used while driving the C Type the Road America. In the book, he used Rt.224, which ties right into 422. But that wouldn't work out with your ferry plan.

Sounds like a fun drive. Enjoy!

06-30-2009, 04:11 PM
What a great trip and as you know the Summer Party is the Greatest! I now live in Erie, PA but my home town is Canton, Ohio, about 20 mi. south of Akron and there is a great, fairly new and reasonable hotel in downtown Canton with a basement full of classic cars not to mention the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I think it is The Belden Hotel but check on line. I don't know if I will make the Summer Party this year but if I do, I hope to meet you.
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