View Full Version : Ultimate road race? Alcan 5000

08-19-2004, 03:30 AM
Never heard about it before (it's been around 20 years!), came across reference to the Alcan 5000 race and found their website.

For those who may not know, it's basically a race that's mostly up north, waaay up north, like Alaska, Yukon Territories, far north British Columbia, along basically crappy northern roads many of them gravel. It seems they follow a different route each year, not just necessarily the original Alcan Highway.

During a quick browse didn't see much evidence of classic cars as entrants... There is a 1954 Mercury in this year's race as well as a BMW 2002ti winning the event a couple of years ago.

I'd love to do the Targa Newfoundland some day, but also have a fascination for the far north of Canada as well as Alaska, if it's still around in a few years it would be neat to compete in this race. Would be fun to see how some old import iron fares on rough northern roads over thousands of miles, I'll bet some, if prepared properly - would do surprisingly well.

Anyway, website:

www.alcan5000.com (https://www.alcan5000.com)