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08-18-2004, 05:06 PM
Aloha All,

I am considering adding a Pertronix electronic ignition to my TR3A. I can't seem to find the model number on the distributor (should be near the vacuum advance), however there are numbers stamped into the side of the housing. The upper series is "258 V167" and the lower is "404804". The commission number of the car is TS28418E. I think the distributor is a Lucas model DM2P4, but any assistance confirming or correcting my assumption would be greatly appreciated.

A related question, I have a new Lucas Sport Coil (40,000 volt output), should I change to the Pertronix coil if I add the Pertronix Electronic ignition? Both coils are for non ballasted systems.

Safety Fast,

08-18-2004, 06:13 PM
The number should be right on the metal next to the vacuum advance. Don't underestimate the previous owner's ability to swap to a totally different distributor.

Keep the Sport Coil, it's absolutely fine for a Pertronix system...you'll see no benefits from a Pertronix coil.

08-19-2004, 05:38 AM
Hello Dave,
I think that could be a 40480A, if so it is a DM2P4, hope that helps.


08-19-2004, 05:19 PM
Mahalo (thanks) Sam and Alec. I was concerned that someone had previously swapped the distributor because the model number was not stamped near the vacuum advance as it should have been. Alec, I looked at the number on the housing again and the number could be 40480A. The 40480 is the reason I though I had a Lucas DM2P4 model distributor because the Lucas part numbers start with 40480 for this distributor. Sam, I appreciate the advice on the coil.

Safety Fast,