View Full Version : 2500M Cooling

06-09-2009, 09:05 AM
I don't want to "jinx" my luck, but believe i've got my cooling issues under control. I strartd w/ recoring the stock radiator & new hoses. played w/ several thermostats, but am most happy w/ a 160 deg F stant high flow thermostat. Wired in an override switch for the aux. fan(for my piece of mind) and replaced the Lucas 6RA relay w/ a 40A 4 pin x-ref from NAPA w/ dedicated fuse. Since it was 88 deg F yesterday it passed it's stress test and held temp on the road and in town. I did richen the carbs as it ran way to lean. I can't say which item did the trick, but the "combo" seemes to work!
Last week attended the "Meeting of the Marques" in Hershey, PA and was the only TVR at the event. Initially was placed w/ the Datsun 240's and had to "educate" the parking guys that the TVR is British....talk about identity crisis!!!

Mickey Richaud
06-09-2009, 09:31 AM
Congratulations on solving the cooling issue! Sure is a shame not to be able to enjoy these cars simply because of ambient temps.

Identity crisis indeed! But the confusion was a compliment to the Z-cars, at least! :wink: