View Full Version : Albq., NM, SWMS, 06/6 & 7/09, HPDE/School/Race

05-26-2009, 07:16 PM
British and other marques are invited and welcomed to SouthWest MotorSport road race club's next Albuquerque, NM event. As usual, our events are at Sandia Motorsport Park attop 9 mile hill West of Albuquerque.

Drivers school for novice or those in need of polish is held Saturday and included with all entries. Early registration is suggested to assure a spot and an instructor (we aim for 1 instructor to 1 student). School entails an hour in class followed by 15-20 minutes on track throughout the day with 3 on track sessions, maybe a bit more.

Drivers school and lapping group for street cars. Race groups for vintage, contemporary, open wheel race prepped cars, and shifter karts. Experienced drivers welcome (with verifieable history). If you're new to us, may I suggest talking to a couple of the officers prior to arriving.

We also invite workers (with or without experience, we train), sponsors, spectators, and general fun seekers. If you have never experienced a sports car road race, come on out!

Sandia has great spectator facilities and the track is awesome. 14 turns around 1.6 miles of 30 foot wide ashpalt. Turns range from 25 MPH hairpins to 100 MPH+ sweepers. Most of the track is visible from the grand stands.

Website link in sig file below. Nothing beats driiving into turn 1 at 100+!!!