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04-23-2009, 02:47 PM
I need to replace the rear brake shoes on my MGB race car. The existing ones have a number of cracks - presumably heat.
Someone recommended Porterfield R4 race shoes. Anyone have any opinions - pro, con or otherwise? At $169. a set, I'd like to see what other people think before ordering some.



MGB GT vintage race car

04-23-2009, 03:50 PM
Hi Bob,

I've been running R-4 pads in the front and R-4 lined shoes in the rear for about 12 years and I love the stuff. They work good cold for street driving but get better when hot. They wear very well - I will usually go thru 2-4 sets of front pads each year but I got 9 years out of one set of rear shoes re-lined with R-4. Mine is still set up like stock with the fronts doing 60 percent of the work, but even so the life I got out of the R-4 lining material in the rear is amazing. It is also easy on the drums/rotors.

When I started racing a friend suggested Porterfield and I haven't done any experimenting with other brands because I am so satisfied with the R-4. And, on top of that they are really nice people to deal with and offer good service.

In the typical 15-20 minute races I run, there seems to be no real fade - they seem to me to work as well at the end of a session as they do at the beginning of a session.

The pads in the front do have a tendency to squeal a bit on the street after they have been really heated up on the track - the only negative I have noticed

My .02 worth


Michael Oritt
04-23-2009, 06:58 PM

Check with Carbotech Brakes in Concord NC (https://www.ctbrakes.com)

They have relined my shoes (front and rear) with a green metallic compound that is extremely durable. They offer good service, fast turnaround and stand behind their product.