View Full Version : Wiring harness discrepency in color code.

04-03-2009, 10:54 AM
Has anyone run into a discrepancy in wiring harness color codes, and if so, how have you dealt with it?

I have an unused tape wrapped harness that I installed long ago, that I think I bought from Moss in late 80's. Although I have no idea how I figured out where the wires went that I hooked up then, now that I am rechecking everything prior to start up I am beginning to run into colors in the harness at the approx. connection points to various units (flashers, control box, fuse block, overdrive relay) which are not colored as shown in the diagram and no unit near them has their color shown on the diagram. I am not sure if what I hooked up then is all wrong or if I somehow hooked them up correctly in the beginning.


Tomorrow I will be posting a series of questions relative to what my wire colors are for each unit and what they should be by the diagram and I hope someone can help me. I'd hate to have to purchase and install an entirely new harness to replace the new, unused harness I have.

04-03-2009, 05:05 PM
Bob I am going yo take an early crack at this problem.

First take a good look at the harness wires and see if the color codes on the wires match those specified in the car manual. At this stage we are not concerned where they are routed. Consequently;

If the wire color codes match the car's manual then:
1] we have a correctly fabricated British car harness.
2] The harness is not the correct one for this car.
3] The harness has been installed incorrectly.

If the wire color codes do not match the cars manual then;
A] this is not a correctly fabricated British car harness.


04-03-2009, 09:22 PM
For the harness that has the contol box EDWLFB the wire colors are as follows.
E BLACK - to ground
D BROWN&YELLOW - to D on the generator
WL BROWN&YELLOW - no charge warning light on the tac
F BROWN&GREEN - F term on generator
B BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN -statrer solenoid- light switch- ignition switch- and the 4th brown wire goes to the 50 amp fuse

The harness for control box AI A F D E
AI BROWN with Blue - to the light switch
A BROWN BROWN- one to the 50 amp fuse and one to the start solenoid
F YELLOW with GREEN- to the f term on the generator
D Yellow & yellow - to the d terminal on the generator
E Black. goes to ground.

Hope this helps.