View Full Version : 1966 BMW 1800 4-door - FREE!!! Come and Get It!!

07-30-2004, 04:51 PM
Hi Guys & Gals,
I usually haunt the British forums having a couple LBCs but I have another hulk at the house and I want to get shed of it. So here goes:


1966 BMW 1800 4-door sedan BODY
All glass except i rear quarterlight good
Steering wheel good shape
No rust in Shock towers
All 4 original hubcaps
Suspension and steering gear okay
NOTE Body is very rusty, but repairable.

Like I say the body and chassis is yours for the taking, however, if you want the engine and transmissions ( Thats right there are 2 transmissions for this car), that's a little different:

For Sale Reasonably:

1800 engine pulled because of broken piston ring, overhauled and never re-installed. Engine has:

been dipped, magnafluxed, and align bored by reputable and highly competent machinist.

cylinders bored 20 over,
new Mahle pistons & rings
Mains and Rod bearings
New Oil pump and updated pump sprocket and chain

Head checked for cracks and surfaced
valve seats reground
new valves,
new springs, keepers, stem seals

Engine and head have been wrapped in plastic stored in the garage since work has been done, never in the weather.

2 transmissions, one rebuilt and one which I had taken apart and assessed and was pronounced in great shape and "hopelessly overbuilt" by the mechanic.

all running gear $1500.00 ( Maybe a bit negotiable.) Believe me I have QUITE a bit more than that in the rebuild with parts and labor/Machining costs.
So, if you know anybody who has one, or races one ( Yes, they race the 1800 four doors, or did in the past)

They can own the rusty shell Gratis! The running gear is priced to sell - I'm going to put it on EBay, but I thought I'd give the forum members a look first.


Bob Marsh
Kernersville, North Carolina