View Full Version : Spitfire Spitfire - Trunion Bushing/Sleeve Clearance?

03-16-2009, 01:04 PM
I'm cleaning up the front suspension on our project '71 Spitfire. I've got all the pieces apart, most look good. The chrome plated sleeves for the trunnion bushings look almost new. However, there is a small gap between the ID of the plastic trunnion bushings and the sleeve.

Is there a specified limit on how much clearance is allowable between the chrome plated sleeve and the ID of the nylon trunnion bushings?

Andrew Mace
03-16-2009, 01:14 PM
Doug, I've never seen any spec's, but they're a light-to-medium press fit in the nylon bush when new. So if there's any gap at all as you describe, they're done.

Ever since dad's first Herald in 1964 (ok, really ever since I was old enough to start working on it in '68), I've treated trunnion bushings almost like oil, i.e, as a regular maintenance item. So buy kits and replace 'em; you'll be glad you did!

03-16-2009, 03:09 PM
Thanks Andy. I'll take your advice. I vaguely remember the trunnions on the GT6 being a light press as you describe. There's no point in putting worn out parts back in.