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07-24-2004, 07:40 PM
I dont know how many of you guys (an gals) made it to the VTR last week, but the Sheridan gave up one whole parking garage for TR's only!! What a grand sight, completely full to overflowing, wall to wall Triumphs!!(OK there was a 120 jag)but it was way cool to just drive through and look for a space.
MD(mad dog)

07-24-2004, 09:57 PM
This subject is on the "VTR Nationals" link too!

I was there all the way from Colorado along with 15 other Triumph Stags for a total of 16 Stags (yep, drove my Stag all the way). The Triumph Stag Club USA held our Annual General Meeting (east) on Thursday, then attended the dinner run and ice cream run with 7 Stags all in convoy. Our Club Group photo was along side the SR-71 right wing, w-a-y c-o-o-l.
RTR does an excellent job of running their events whether national or regional events, my hat is off to them and their efforts. Thanks RTR for an excellent show. Hearsay there were over 260 Triumphs in all, so the parking garage was only part of them.

Also, Triumphest is in Lake Tahoe NV Sept 30-Oct 3 this year, BE there TOO! This will be a TSC USA AGM "west" meet!

Remember, VTR 2005 is in Rockford Illinois next year, our club goal for the featured car, the Stag, is 100 Stags. BE THERE!

07-25-2004, 10:17 AM
Quite right!! RTR did a GREAT job. We took pics of the cars by the Blackbird too. Not to mention the Spitfire that was there to dress up the runway and get close to.
Rockford should be a great show next year, ISO was super in 95 as a host so they will no doubt try to out do themselves this time!!How many of you still have your breakfast tour coffee mug???? Too fun!!
MD(mad dog)