View Full Version : Hit some snags on the Cortina

03-01-2004, 03:37 AM
Well work on the MK1 is progressing at a fantastic rate. I am sure it will be on the road for spring. I put the seats in it the other day and sat behind the wheel.. Felt kind of cramped but really cool. The suspension is all done ( coil overs, ft & rr sway bars, all brakes rebuilt, underside of the car cleaned, painted and undercoated ) The motor compartment is painted now, looks really good. I think white is goint to look great on this car.

Problem is with my front discs and my wheels. My vented dics conversion includes spacers on the calipers to widen them for the rotors. Now the calipers hit the hub. Major headache here, if anyone has done one of these conversions, give me a heads up.

My wheels are the Ford RS alloys. I just got them out of the UK. They are in much worse condition than described, even requiring structural repair. That's ok I can address that, but the wheel nuts for them are special, and don't fit the 7/16ths studs I have on the car. They are for a 12mm stud ( isn't that closer to 1/2 in? ) Now I need to change my studs ( if I can find the right ones ) or get nuts custom made ($$$ ouch!! )

Boy this thing better run well when it's done, or it's " off a cliff " graemlins/hammer.gif

Neil at 105Speed
03-01-2004, 08:37 PM
May be able to help with the nuts.... or at least the studs..

Will phone a friend in the morning and check to make sure I can help.

If I havent replied in a couple of days e-mail me


Cheers Neil