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02-13-2009, 09:39 PM
The A35 is a <span style="text-decoration: underline">long</span> way away from being race-ready, but I am making some small steps.

I have all the roll bar tube bent and (mostly) fitted. I have an arc welder and a 110V MIG welder, but a friend of mine has offered up his 220V Miller MIG welder on loan, so I will use that to do the cage welding.
There is some rust repair I'd like to do as well, so I'll use one of the MIG welders to deal with that too. I have some of the steel repair panels bent up and rough-cut.

The car is a Canadian export model so it is left-hand drive. But I would prefer that if be right-hand drive. Partly for classic looks but also because it is a slight advantage on typical, clock-wise direction road racing courses.
So I am switching it over. As it turns out, the steering box and idler arm can be switched side-to-side but the steering arms on these items are handed. So all I had to do was switch the steering arms....which took a bit of grunting on my arbor press.

I have also removed the welded-in parcel shelf under the dash.

And I have partly removed the left-side brake and clutch pedals (the brake master cylinder is under the floor like an old 911 and the clutch linkage is fully mechanical).

I will make a switch plate to fit the opening vacated by the speedometer area. I probably will put some lesser gauges in there. (i.e.-voltmeter)

Here the car as it is today (on right)...messy right now, but it'll get better. :smile:

Michael Oritt
02-13-2009, 10:02 PM

Looks good and just in time for VSCCA's new Sedan class. Isn't it amazing how a little economic desparation loosens up the rules a bit?

Keep us posted.

02-13-2009, 10:13 PM
Yeah, I'm not surprised. I have heard that the VSCCA is getting pressure from some of the other vintage groups too.

But I am not familiar with this new sedan class.

I wonder if it is like the <span style="font-style: italic">Top Hat-Oldies but Goldies</span> class that now races at Goodwood? "Oldies but Goldies" are all 50s saloons.

02-14-2009, 12:00 AM
looking good Nial

Michael Oritt
02-14-2009, 08:26 AM
This is what I have received from VSCCA re the new sedan class:

VSCCA Sports Sedan Racing

In the early post-WWII years, various US racing venues saw a spattering of 'saloon' cars entered in sports car events. Usually they were prosaic types such as VW bugs, Morris Minors, Dauphines and the like. In 1957-1962 the Little Le Mans races at Lime Rock gradually introduced factory sponsored teams including the then recently announced Detroit compacts. Similar events were run elsewhere as well. (Marlboro, Sebring) The culmination of this trend was the Trans-Am Series of the late 1960's. The tradition is carried on today in 'show room stock' categories. Although the VSCCA usually concerns itself with more esoteric forms of transport, a case can be made
that 40 plus years later, many of these elderly cars are getting pretty rare and many of them were unusual even when new. In the spirit of 'vintage' racing we believe it's time to establish a competition category(s)for these cars.

Eligible Cars

There are two general categories:
- Imported sedans manufactured between 1945 and 1959.
- Makes and models that participated in the original Little Le Mans series 1957- 1962.

A preliminary list of cars that fit these two categories has been developed (see below). However,each car will be judged on it's own merit (no across-the-board acceptance) and the appropriate documentation should be supplied to the Car Classification Committee. The onus will be on the
member to provide the necessary information to support the request for acceptance. A Sedan Eligibility form has been designed for this purpose.

Race Groups

Initially, sedans will be run in the Preservation Class as their Lime Rock lap times will most likely be over 1:20 min. If enough cars are entered and/or time permits, a separate class may be established. As usual, the appropriate event chairman would make that decision.

General Technical Qualifications

All regular VSCCA technical requirements apply. In addition listed below are specific qualifications for sedans.
Specific Technical Qualifications for Sedans
- All cars must have capacity of a minimum of 4 people.
- Engines limited to 2, 3, 4 or 6 cylinders.
- All cars must be legally registered in a US state and have passed a current state vehicle safety inspection and display the appropriate inspection sticker.
- Cars must run on normal street tires of standard size for the car. Street
radials are an acceptable option.
- Hub caps should be removed for safety.
- Roll bars are encouraged. No roll cages.
- Seat belts are required. Five point style encouraged.
- Brakes should be the type originally supplied with the car.
- Engines should be the same as original.
- Carburetor(s) should be the same as originally supplied.
- All exterior lights must work.
- Additional requirements for specific make/models may apply.

List of potential cars

Below is a list of cars from the era that may be considered. We have not made any attempt to include or exclude any particular make/model. Rather the list was generated by looking at old entry lists of various events and is presented as a guide. Please note, however, that as stated above each
individual car needs to be submitted for consideration just as post-1959 cars are now being reviewed.

Austin A35/A40 BMW 700 Borgward Isabella
Corvair DKW 1000/Junior Fiat 600
Fiat 1100 Ford Falcon Ford Zepher
Ford Zodiac Goliath Hillman Minx
MG Magnette Morris Minor NSU Prinz
Panhard Renault 4CV Renault Dauphine
Saab 3 Cylinder Simca Aronde Skoda
Studebaker Lark 6 Sunbeam Rapier Valiant/Lancer
Volvo 444/544 VW Bug

02-14-2009, 10:00 AM
Thanks! It looks exactly like the <span style="font-style: italic"> Top Hat-"Oldies but Goldies class"</span> in the UK.

I'm already looking at the VRG, NASA, EMRA and SCCA schedule for '09. I guess I'll add VSCCA too.
(now, if I only had the time and money to actually run as often as I'd like, I'd be all set :laugh: )

02-14-2009, 07:40 PM

Are you going to paint it Pink?

- Doug

02-23-2009, 12:28 PM
Street tires of standard size and engines same as the original? How literally is that interpreted? That would mean the a35 at goodwood would be excluded, right? I don't know the rules for vintage racing so maybe it's common but I never would have guessed that something like a safety cage can exclude you from vintage events.

It's looking good Nial. I'd love to have/ be able to do a project like yours.