View Full Version : Boomers and their cars

07-21-2004, 10:37 PM
We live in a tourist area so I'm usually prepared for the influx of visitors during the summer. This year has been a total surprise, though.

The place is crawling with LBC's, street rods, and 60's musclecars. In the past couple weeks I've seen loads of MGB's, 3 TR-6's, about 6 Spitfires, a bugeye, a nice later Spridget with wire wheels, lots of VW Beetles, a couple of Renaults, and an Isetta!

Now I know what all those folks in motorhomes had in their Wells Cargo trailers hanging on in back. I guess there are a lot of boomers who can finally afford that "Goat" (as in GTO) or wanted a Triumph again to relive the college days.

Anyone else seeing this?